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Tax Preparation & Accounting
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January 16 - 2017 4th quarter estimated tax due for self employed, sole proprietors, and certain LLC's

January 29 - IRS goes live and starts accepting tax returns. (Depending if government shutdown ends).

January 31 - Last day for employers, vendors, schools, government agencies, and etc. to send out tax forms (W-2's, 1099 Misc, and etc) to tall taxpayers.

February 16 - First batch of refunds to be released by the IRS (Feb 29 if you have Earned Income Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit)

March 15 - Last day to file corporate tax returns or extensions (S-Corps & LLC's Electing S-Corp Status)

April 15 - First quarter 2018 estimated tax due for self employed, sole proprietors, and certain LLC's

April 17 - Last day to file individual tax returns or extensions. Also Last day to file tax returns or extensions for C-Corporations.

June 15 - Second quarter 2017 estimated taxes due for self employed, sole proprietors, and certain LLC's

September 15 - Last day for corporations with extension requests to file their tax returns

September 15 - Third quarter 2018 estimated taxes due for self employed, sole proprietors, LLC's, and corporations

October 15 - Last day for individuals with extension requests to file their tax returns


Tax Season Office Holiday Closure Notice: Our office will be closed on March 30 & April 1 in observance of Good Friday & Easter Sunday. We will be open on Saturday March 31 from 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Updated Fee Notice as of January 1, 2018: The following office fees have been adjusted
  1. Notary Fee: Fee for notarizations is now $15.00 per notarized signature. This is according to California Assembly Bill 2217.
  2. Calculation Fee:  Our calculation fee is now $30.00. Should you decide to go ahead and file your return with us, the $30.00 calculation fee will be included as part of your total fees and not in addition to those fees.
  3. Additional Copies: A $10.00 fee per year requested. Each client is given complimentary set of copies of their tax return. It does not matter if copies of tax return are requested to be sent by e-mail, fax, or by mail. Before sending copies, we will ask for your debit/credit card information. 
  4. Detailed Tax Planning Service for New Tax Law: With the passing of the new tax laws. Your tax and financial situation might be affected. Due to the complexities of your particular tax situation, you might want to recieve personalized tax planning regarding your situation. If you choose to take advantage of this service, when you come in to prepare your tax return, there will be a $25.00 additional charge on top of your normal tax preparation fee.